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TradeStation® has been the flagship product of TradeStation Technologies, serving as a platform for numerous third-party software solutions. TradeStation is used by serious equities, futures and foreign currency investors. TradeStation empowers the investor to design and develop custom trading systems based upon the investor’s own investment ideas and strategies, test the profitability of such trading systems against historical data, and then computer-automate a chosen trading system to monitor the applicable market and alert the investor in real-time when the criteria of the trading system have been met and an order should, therefore, be placed. TradeStation was awarded Best Trading Software (over $500) in Stocks and Commodities magazine Readers’ Choice Awards for six years in a row, from 1994-1999.  TradeStation also won the “Best of the Best” award for Computer Assisted Analysis from the Market Technicians Association in 1997 and received four disks, the highest review rating, from Futures Magazine when it was reviewed in 1996.



OptionStation® is an options trading analysis product for stock, index and futures options which enables investors who are not options analysis experts or mathematicians to explore trading strategies, including complex strategies.  Specifically, OptionStation is designed to sort through thousands of possible options positions and identify the most favorable risk-reward profile based upon user-defined assumptions. In 1997 and 1998, OptionStation was awarded Best Options Analysis Software in Stocks and Commodities magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards.  In 1997, OptionStation also received four disks, the highest review rating, from Futures Magazine.



RadarScreen® takes advantage of EasyLanguage® to enable investors to sort through thousands of stocks in real-time and alert the user of only those that meet his/her criteria.  RadarScreen sorts through each and every trade for hundreds of possible stocks, highlighting those few stocks that met his/her criteria.  As the market moves and new stocks meet his/her criteria, they rise to the top of his/her RadarScreen.


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