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Bull & Bear Finance was established by the division of information technology branch of the Bull & Bear srl – Financial Services, a company founded in 1996 in the financial sector, and this continues the business regarding the sale of software and data transmission in the stock market began date.

The new company is mainly focused on development of software applications and provision of data relating to the financial sector, offering services to banks, Sim, financial and most important groups of analysts; the same attention is given to private investors and  trader  which use the same services as professionals. 
Bull & Bear Finance s.r.l. collaborates with most important and established Italian companies regarding sales of data terminal in real time and for the provision of financial software such as Metastock, Omintrader, Ganntrader, etc. ..

Since 1999 we collaborate with some of the most important Italian financial magazines.

Anyone intending to address to the complicated world of trading analysis, can find with us the necessary tools to operate in the best way.

BULL & BEAR Finance srl


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