Our data service allows you to update financial market data for all versions of Metastock software. It is also possible to use software compatible with the data format: Elwave, BBChart, Visualtrader, Tradestation, Multicharts, Ominitrader, Gann Trader, Advanced GET, Dynamic Trader, Market Detective, etc… and also Excel or OpenOffice.

The data format is the international standard format used by Metastock with the 7 fields: Open, Close, Minimum, Maximum, Volumes and Open Interest.

The creation of new titles and database maintenance is automatic, thus guaranteeing an excellent quality of the historical series; the adjustments on shares are made automatically.

It is possible to create a personal list of titles to export in Excel format such as CSV delimited text. Choice: generation of a file for each title or a single file with several securities.

At the end of each update, it is possible to display a summary table of the market trend. (list function)

Closure, % change compared to yesterday – week – month, volume, % change in volume compared to the previous day are indicated.

It is possible to customize up to 4 groups of price lists.

The data are made available through our software BBLOADER, which allows updates in a simple way with a simple internet connection.

BBLOADER fully automatic, connects and downloads all new data since the last connection. With this software more updates are made available according to the closures of the various countries/markets (18.30 Borsa Italia, 20.30 European stock exchanges, 24.00 US markets, 01.00 Forex markets and continuous futures). The data can be downloaded at any time, daily, weekly or monthly, automatically all missing data will be downloaded.


(Above a screenshot of the BBLoader while updating data)


Our software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.10 and Windows 10. You can also use it on Apple MACs by installing Windows (see FAQ).

At the subscription a free historical series with the data of the last years is released (from January 2004).

Longer time series are available for a fee.

Discounts can be reserved on the purchase of historical series extended to those who already own them, “scrapping” style.

Included in the service the BBChart 2010 technical analysis software !


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