Change PC: Which files should I copy ?

If you are going to change PC or reformat your PC or activate a Second Station, you must first make a copy of all the data updated so far.

Basically you have to copy the whole BULLBEAR folder that is in the local disk (C:) and transfer it to a suitable support (USB stick, network disk, CD-Rom) then you have to copy it to the new PC always on the local disk C: BULLBEAR folder. Once this is done, run the BBLOADER update software, which is located in the BULLBEAR folder and tell us the new registration number S/N ..... 8 digits. Alternatively you can enter the new code yourself via the reserved area: by selecting the option "Activate/change BBLoader activation codes".

I use the data in text/excel format, how can I do it ?

You can configure in our software a list of titles/indicators/futures/etc that will be created in a delimited text file of your choice. You can also choose to have one file for each title or one file for all titles.

Data not updated: No errors.

If the update works without errors but with the analysis software see the data not updated, the most common cause could be that in this PC there are two historical series in different locations. 

If you use Metastock, in the title selection where the folder name appears, click the button to go back/up level, until you find the local disk (C:) and then select the BULLBEAR folder, DATI folder, etc..

The message "update not authorized" appears

The message appears when:

a) the update software has been restricted

Solution: Provide the new registration number and the last date of update of the history. In the case of 2 or more subscriptions also communicate the other registration numbers in use, so as to change the exact one.

b) the subscription has expired

Restore Bullbear folder.

In the new PC put the BULLBEAR folder in the local disk root (C:), which is the same location you saved previously.

Then run our update program which is in the BULLBEAR folder and it will automatically notice the new installation and you will see the new registration number (example S/N 999999999) to be communicated to us for activation.

In order not to lose data or have holes in the historical series, check in the 'new' historical series which is the last date you see in some graph, so that you can start again with the updates from that day.

I've lost the update software.

Simply request the software to be sent.  If it is necessary to proceed with a new installation, once installed the software (and possibly the history) send the registration number that is generated in automantico (S/N 99999999).

The update is freezing.

It is caused by turning off the PC with the Metastock active, the data files in reading remain open. Our software automatically corrects this problem, but it may happen that the correction is not enough and then it is necessary to delete the temporary files from the folders c:\Bullbear\dati\... (those with the symbol ????? in front) and remove the read-only attribute from other files.

Error "directory does not contain Metastock data".

A data folder has probably been incorrectly deleted or damaged. Request the folder to be sent and replaced with the exact name of the folder (e.g. AZIO A-J folder).

The update is very slow.

If the data update works, but is very slow (over 5 minutes) it means that there is a running antivirus that interacts with the data update. Since the database is very large this data by data control slows down the update procedure considerably. Most antivirus are perfectly compatible and do not cause this problem, others must be set up so as to avoid the continuous check on the update. If this is not possible, you can disable the antivirus during the update. It is also possible to install a free antivirus such as Avast, downloadable directly from , which is perfectly compatible with our update software.

I don't have software to display the data in graphical form.

No problem... by subscribing to the data service you will have free use of the BBChart software, which will allow you to view stock exchange data in daily and intraday graphics and to carry out all major technical analysis studies (Trendlines, Indicators, Oscillators, Gann, Fibonacci, Candlestick, etc. ...).

I already have a history, can I link it to yours?

Our database has a different symbology and structure than yours probably. It is possible however with the Metastock downloader or other utilities to merge your history with ours.

Timetable of data availability

During the day, data are made available according to the closing times of international markets. Here is a brief summary of the timetable:

02:00 closes American indices, commodities, foreign indices in general, sector indices, intraday (if active)

05:00 foreign futures closures

09:40 closing of Asian markets, sicavs, minor indices, Italian funds

10:20 intraday (if enabled)

13:20 intraday (if enabled)

14:30 intraday (if enabled)

16:20 intraday (if enabled)

19:00 Italian stock closures, futures, partial main foreign indexes, italian funds, sicavs, etc.

20:30 EUROPE stock closures (if active)

23:15 AMERICA stock closures (if active)


I'm home and I only hook up to the Internet on weekends, no problem?

Our server stores the date of the last update performed. At your next connection all missing days will be downloaded automatically.

Other technical questions

Write us to

A new title is being listed, what do I do?

You don't have to do anything, our service automatically creates the new title or futures or index in your database. At the end of each daily update you will still be informed if there have been changes in your data base, such as new entries or corrections.

Using our service and software in an Apple Mac environment

There are no professional technical analysis programs in the MAC environment, however you can use the MAC

with special software in Windows emulation, called VMWARE and Parallels Desktop (the best) and everything works perfectly (many of our customers use these software).

Alternatively you can also directly install Windows on MAC as primary operating system or as second operating system using the Boot Camp software ( ).

How do the corrections on the charts happen?

Adjustments are made automatically throughout your history, using only the official values of the Italian Financial Analysts Association AIAF.

How to import our data with Metastock 17

To read the Bull & Bear data in Metastock 17, follow the steps below to add a folder from the archive:

1. From the Tools Menu -> Custom list manager

2. New -> Local Instruments

3. In the "List name" field you can give the name to the list, for example "BLUECHIP".

4. Click the button "Browse..."

5. The "Local Instruments" window opens, next to the "Source folder" field you will find another "Browse..." button.

6. In the window that appears, select the desired folder following the path to the history,

for example "This PC" -> "Local disk c:\" -> Folder "bullbear" -> Folder "data" -> Folder "BLUECHIP" -> Click on "Folder selection".

7. Return to the "Local Instruments" window, click on "Select All", click on "Add".

8. You return to the "New custom list" window, click "Save".

9. You return to the "Custom list manager" window, click "Close".

10. From the "File" menu -> Open Power Console, opens the "Power Console" window

11. In the list "Instruments" -> "Local Data Lists" you will see the newly created list.


To add all folders in one step, follow the steps below:

1. From the Tools menu -> Custom list manager

2. New -> Local Instruments

3. Click the button "Browse..."

4. The "Local Instruments" window opens, next to the "Source folder" field you will find another "Browse..." button.

5. In the window that appears, select the desired folder following the path to the history,

for example "This PC" -> "Local disk c:\" -> Folder "bullbear" -> Folder "data" -> Click on "Folder selection".

6. You return to the "Local Instruments" window, click on "Create lists from subfolders", a warning will appear, click on "OK".

7. Wait until the "Local Instruments" window closes.

8. You return to the "Custom List Manager" window, close the window and reopen the "Power Console" from the top left corner icon with "P".

9. You will see the tree structure with all the folders.

I want to make the corrections like I always have, without your intervention...

Before performing the AIAF correction on your archive, we do a check on your history to verify that no correction has already been made.

How to create a custom folder

To get your personal folder you have to do it through our BBLoader download program,

In the "File" menu you will find the point "My Metastock folder".

In the next window on the right at the top choose the created folder (which must be empty).

Then select the desired symbols from the folders on the left and create the list on the left.

Please note that the folder cannot contain more than 250 symbols.

If you save the changes, the BBLoader will remember your personal folder and the symbols inside, and will update the data each time you launch it.

Metastock Support