Change PC: What files should I copy?

If you plan to change PC or format it you must first make a copy of all data so far. In short you need to copy the entire folder BULLBEAR which is normally on your local disk (C:) and back up it on a appropriate media (USB key, network disk, CD-Rom) then you must restore it to your new PC always  on the same hard drive C: in the folder BULLBEAR. Once it's done run the software update and let us know the new registration nr. # (8 digits).

The corrections on the charts as they occur?

The corrections are made automatically on all your history, using only the official values of the Italian Financial Analysts AIAF.

Not actual data: No error.

If the update runs without errors but with the analysis software see the data is not updated, the most common cause could be that there are two PC time series in different locations. If you use Metastock in the selection of titles where the name of the folder, click the button to go back / top level until you find the local disk (C:) and then select the folder BULLBEAR, DATA folder, etc...


I want to make adjustments as I have always done, without your intervention ...

Before AIAF correction on your file, do a check on your history to check that has not already been made no reply.

Bullbear Restore folder.

In the new PC BULLBEAR put the folder in the root of local disk (C:), which is the same position previously saved. Run then the update program that is located in the folder and automatically BULLBEAR will notice the new installation and you get the new registration number (eg S / N 999999999) to notify for activation. In order not to lose data or have holes in the series, check the series' new 'what's the last time you see some graphics, to share with the updates from that day.

Using the data as text / excel, how can I do?

You can configure our software a list of stocks / indices / futures / etc that will be created in a delimited text file of your choice. You can also choose to have a file for each title or a single file for all titles.

The update is blocked.

It's caused by spegnemnto PC with Metastock active, the files remain open reading data. Our software automatically corrects the problem, it may happen that the correction is not sufficient and you will need to delete temporary files from the C \ Bullbera \ data \ ... (those with the symbol? before) and remove the attribute single dalga reading other files.


The message "unauthorized modification"

The message appears when:

a) it's new istall software update Solution: Communicate the new registration number and date of the last update of the town. In the case of 2 or more subscriptions to communicate the other registration numbers in use, so the exact change.

b) the subscription has expired.

The update is very slow.

If the update data works, but is very slow (over 5 minutes) means that there is an antivirus feature that interacts with la'ggiornamento data. Given the very large database that check given to slow down considerably since the upgrade procedure. The biggest part of the virus are perfectly compatible and do not cause this problem, others are instead set so as to avoid the control contunuo about. If this is not possible you can disable the antivirus during the upgrade.

I lost the software update.

Is sufficient to require the sending of the software. If there is a need for new installation, once installed the software (and possibly history) to send the registration number that is generated automatically (S / N 99999999).

I have a historian, I can hook it to your?

Our database has a different structure and symbolism probably from your own. E 'possible to the downloader in Metastock or other utilities make a fusion of your history with ours.

I have not received the information via e-mail.

If you use the software caricadat.exe and have not received the data by email you can extract them directly at the following link / backup.

When I am at home and I connect to the Internet only on weekends, are there any problems in this case?

Our server stores the date when you last updated. Next to your link will be downloaded automatically every day missing.

Error "the directory does not contain data Metastock.

Probably a folder data was mistakenly deleted or damaged. Require the replacement of the sending and stating the exact folder name (eg folder AZIO AJ).

You quoted a new title, what should I do?

You do not have to do anything, our service automatically creates your database in the new title or futures or index. At the end of each daily update you will still be notified if there have been changes in your data store, as new entries or adjustments.

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