Metastock format, what does this mean?

Metastock is one of the first programs of professional graphic analysis, the storage format of the data is used today by all the technical analysis software. It's become a basic standard.

Metastock: I can not see all the history in the chart?

If you purchased from us long time series but only see the last 2 years or so, the reason must be sought in a setting of Metastock In the selection of titles in the top right there 'OPTION, click and find LOAD OPTION. Here you will find 2 parameters. LOAD 500, DISPLAY 250 Increases the values as desired, for example 20,000 in both settings.Automatically in every new chart light 'this number of bars if available

Metastock: I have an old Dos version works?

Of course, the format that we send is compliant with all versions of Metastock and it works perfectly even with software such as Tradestation and SuperCharts.

Metastock: I do not see the chart, the page and 'empty.

If you have selected despite the opening of a title, it shows the blank pageor just the volumes you have to do this procedure:

Click the right mouse button where there should be the chart and click 'SHOW BASE SECURITY'

Metastock: How can I view the chart.

Run Metastock software. Click the icon (second from top left) OPEN.

Selected "smart charts" on the lower side of "files of type" by clicking the arrow on the right.

Selected at the top in "Look in) the folder c: \ BULLBEAR \ DATA subfolder and choice (eg indexes).

Tradestation: I appear in the graph negative numbers.

You are graphs with negative numbers, for example on our index futures and Italians.

The problem / bug and 'related to graphs with figures more than 30,000 ...

When you open a chart, go to the curtain


select the tab SYMBOL

flagged the 'MetaStock DATA DISPLAY AS 1 / 1000 FOR NEW CHARTS'

This option applies only to new graphics, if stored workspace, you 'rifarli or change the graphic with another, and then replace the one you want.

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