Our data service is compatible with the most advanced analysis software.
Find below some of the most used products which are compatible with us. Click on each item to discover the main features.

Metastock 15
Metastock 15 The most used software analysis technique in the world. Format daily data only. Easy to use graphical interface and excellent Windows. Indicators, trading system, profitable testing.
Elwave 10
Elwave 10 Powerful software based on Elliott Wave. Reads Metastock Eod and intraday data. It offers tools for graphical analysis, indicators, Gann and Fibonacci. Automatic counting waves. Analyzes and generates automatic trading signals. Function SCAN titles.
Metastock Professional 15
Metastock Professional 15 Is the version of Metastock Professional that allows you to carry out studies, analysis and trading system on intraday data (tick by tick by up to 60 minutes).
BBChart 2010 ...... FREE ! (Purchasing End od Day data service)
BBChart 2010 ...... FREE ! (Purchasing End od Day data service) New technical analysis software, compatible with Metastock Daily and Intraday format. Graphic studies, over 30 indicators, Gann, Fibonacci integrated news.
Vsualtrader by Nirvana System
Vsualtrader by Nirvana System Software very advanced for the creation and management of automated systems, easy to use.
Tradestation 2000
Tradestation 2000 The most professional software systems for Real Time. Trading System. Power editor to create your own automated systems evolved. Intraday data management.
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