Metastock 17 Real Time for Thomson Reuters XENITH
1190 euro + VAT


The Professional program has all the features of Metastock and works ONLY with Thmoson Reuters XENITH data system, with the possibility to display data in tick by tick, minute, hour format. It also reads EoD data locally.

Among the specialized technical analysis programs developed for computers, Metastock is certainly one of the best in the world. It has received numerous special awards (Stocks & Commodities Awards from 1993 to 2012) and is the most mentioned in stock market newspapers and magazines.




System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Minimum processor: 800 megahertz (MHz)

Minimum RAM: 512 MB

Video: Video card with at least 256 colors and 1021×768

Disk space: 200 to 800 Mb free

General features

The interface and menus are the standard Windows interface and menus to help make it easier to use. The localization of menus, buttons, controls and masks is the same used by Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access).

Metastock includes:

New Downloader – allows you to enter and edit data (for manual updates)

Export Advisor – Tools that allows the creation of automatic trading systems (trading system), with visual and audible alarms.

System Tester – tests virtually all trading systems doing the so-called backtesting, allowing optimizations and comparisons for maximum profitability. Including the possibility to use stop loss and take profit. 

The Explorer – this feature allows you to automatically filter and analyze tens of thousands of instruments. The filter can be configured as desired, e.g. overbought/oversold securities, securities with certain loss/gain losses, etc… This simplifies and speeds up the analysis and search for tools.

Indicator Builder – gives the possibility for the most advanced traders to create their own indicators by inserting and editing the formulas in the Metastock programming language.

Forecaster Time Frames – allows the use of already configured algorithms, predictions of the price trend.

Predict Market Pricing Action with the new “MetaStock FORECASTER ...

Elliott Wave System – Based on the legendary work of Ralph Nelson Elliott, the Metastock Elliott Waves System gives you the ability to chart high, medium and low waves. Formally a Metastock add-on, this version comes standard free of charge.

Special K Systems from Mertin Pring – This version of Metastock includes as standard the add-on with Martin Pring’s proven K systems, which allow you to identify short, medium and long term market cycles, identifying peaks and troughs and points, with bullish or bearish market turning points.

RMO Oscillator – Rahul Moihndar’s Rahul Oscillator is one of the most widely used oscillators by both experienced and novice traders. It is a very powerful strategy that helps traders identify opportunities when aligning short, medium and long trends. With this Expert Advisor based on the legendary RMO indicator you can identify bullish or bearish market configurations. 

Option Scope – NEW – this module is designed to specifically analyze option quotes, displaying prices, charts and Greek (additional paid module).


The list of indicators includes 110 predefined indicators, more than any other program. Useful for those who do not use charts and their own indicators. Use is instantaneous.


Metastock includes an advanced version of Fibonacci analysis techniques. It is possible to visualize projections and tracing used by the famous stock analysis technique.